Find out why so many celebrities rely on Noelle’s expertise. Get Pilates Teacher Training and Certification by Noelle Rox, founder of the Pilates Rox Method.

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Teacher Training

Our Teacher Training Philosophy

Noelle’s goal is to create Rox Star trainers that are uplifting, passionate and thoughtful, not just doing the exercises to do them, but always considering the why, and are true believers in the method and its ability to effect change for people when applied correctly.

After 30 years in the business, Noelle founded the Pilates Rox teacher training program to address the gap she saw between knowledge and execution.

I focus not only on what to teach but emphasize on how to teach. To be a successful teacher you need to understand that Pilates is all about the nuances of precision, execution, form and connection to the right muscle.

Noelle Rox

Want To Become A Pilates Instructor?

This training is for anyone wanting to become an instructor, anyone wanting to learn more about the method behind our training or improve their own practice.

Already Have A Pilates Practice?

The Pilates Rox Star training program is an excellent bridge for already certified instructors looking to reach Rox Star status to get to the next level in their teaching.

What Our Teacher Trainees Are Saying