WUNDAful + cues of STEEL + top FORM +
nourished + SOUL surfer

Photo of Emily, Pilates Rox Star


Emily discovered the magic of Pilates as a dance major in college after developing knee pain that interfered not only with her movement as a dancer, but in everyday life. Throughout her lifetime as a dancer, as well as one of her favorite past times of surfing, she has relied solely on Pilates to rebuild and strengthen these injured muscle groups.

Emily earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from Loyola Marymount University and her Pilates certification through Body Arts and Science International (BASI), through which she has also taken additional workshops in injuries and pathologies. She is extremely passionate about helping others to create their own story about how Pilates can change their lives through increased body awareness, control, flexibility, and strength.

Emily is currently pursuing in Masters in Clinical Psychology focusing on how emotions and trauma can be stored in the body and revealed through injuries, thus bringing the connection of the mind, body, and spirit full circle.