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Photo of Danica, Pilates Rox Star


What makes someone find a calling? Is it luck or is it predestined? I think maybe it’s both. Looking back, Pilates has given me so much. I never would have dreamed that running that day on my normal daily run, I would look over, see a Pilates studio and that it would forever be a part of me. I know not everyone takes to it like I did. But that’s how my story started.. Now after nearly two decades my passion has only grown. This is my story!

Health and fitness has always been a priority to me. It is something that makes me feel strong, inside and out. After practicing Pilates as a student for some time I realized I wanted to go deeper. It was then that I decided I wanted to share my passion and teach. I began instructional programs and certifications on my way to becoming an instructor. Over my career I have split my Instruction 50/50 between Private lessons and group classes. I enjoy them both immensely. Private Pilates sessions offer the opportunity to target a clients body’s specific needs. Group classes offer a different energy and dynamic flow. I feel blessed my livelihood is in an industry that allows me the opportunity to affect peoples lives positively through health and fitness.

Health and Happiness,