TOWER of Strength + PASSIONATE +
she's got your BACK + CORE of Steel



As an avid fan and loyal client of Pilates Rox, Amy turned her own passion for Pilates training into a career having completed the comprehensive Pilates Rox teacher training program. Completing the program with great success, Amy is now Pilates Rox Certified working with a wide array of clientele from new moms reconnecting to their cores, to athletes looking to improve their game, to helping people rehabilitate from injuries. Amy’s versatility shines thru while also guiding seniors to maintain their mobility and stability; even working with a Rox Star client who is 96 years young!

Passionate about fitness herself, Amy has truly mastered her technique for creating long, lean bodies connecting her clients effectively to their cores. Known to be tough, Amy brings a combination of grit, with a lot heart, to all her sessions and group classes that delivers results. When Amy is not toning bodies, she is a busy mom with 6 year old twins and an 11 year old soccer star. If not at Pilates Rox, you can usually find them on the soccer field, the beach or the Temescal trails.