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Pilates guru and celebrity trainer Noelle Rox has been sculpting the bodies of California’s most discerning clientele for over 15 years.

The former elite gymnast, ACE certified personal trainer and Power Pilates certified instructor is a go-to in the industry, known for both her expertise and down to earth training style.

Noelle launched her Pilates focused career in 2000 by opening Simpatico Pilates in Santa Barbara, which quickly earned its place as a destination for toning the core and creating lean muscles.

After moving to Los Angeles in 2010, she took on her next business endeavor, Noelle Rox Pilates in Pacific Palisades.

“Noelle really understands the woman’s body and how it can change.
She knows how to concentrate on areas that need work… plus her adorable pug,
Biscuit, is amazing and sits on my stomach during abs.”

-Elyse Walker

(featured in Gilt City as the best workout in LA)


The Pilates Rox Stars are a team of Certified, Seasoned instructors and every Pilates Rox instructor is hand picked and mentored by Noelle herself, ensuring a consistent, quality, safe, and effective workout no matter the instructor.

While each instructor brings their own personality and flair, you can be assured your class will be taught with great energy, positivity, passion, and heart.

Pilates Rox is about attention to details, excellent training, strong cues, precision, motivation, and inspiration.

We guarantee you will Pilates like a Rox Star.